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So, My amazing girlfriend says I should make one of these so here goes nothin I guess. I never really have anything to talk about but I guess this could be a good way of venting. Recent updates in my life. I am so in Love with Allison Marie Gough. She is one of the greatest people I have ever met. She is adorable, sexy, beautiful, smart, fun to be around, everything I have ever wanted in a girl and so much more. She is absolutely perfect in every single way shape and form. I didnt even know girls like her existed. She is the girl of my dreams, hands down. I dont want anyone else but her.

Update 2
What the hell happened to my band? I need to be in a band. Not sure how we just kinda disappeared off the map but I'm bummed. Just bought $500 worth of bass gear and used it for one show, and it wasn't even for a thin ice show! Last I heard we were supposed to be signed with this band from the UK. And thennnnn we just kinda vanished, lost our drummer, lost motivation I guess. What can ya do? I need to start another band.

Update 3
New job, kinda. Not doing mechanics anymore which I'm kinda bummed about but whatever. I make easy money sitting on my ass except my social life has shit the bed, but I'm ok with it. as long as I get to see the love of my life, I'm stoked. She is my world, my sunshine, and my missin' peice forever and always. She is my best friend and she is my everything. For now I guess I'm just headin to bed, even though it just doesn't feel the same without my baby in my arms. Allison Marie Gough, I love you with all my heart and so much more.


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