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Day 3

Everyday is just getting longer and longer. I have no will to fight, I have no energy to push. I've never felt so a lone. I'm getting real tired of work. I need a new job ASAP. fuck this bullshit. I remember when I looked forward to the next day. now, I just wish I could stay home all day everyday and not do anything. I wanna curl up in a ball. I've never been good a relaying my thoughts. I probably never will. I guess that's just another thing I gotta work on. there's a lot I gotta work on, but flaws make people, well, people right? this whole work, puffing cars all day is getting old, to think, I like 50 more years of this. and who knows what kinda social securities benefits ill be eligible for. I gotta rethink my life choices. I'll probably write another one today at some point. or maybe I won't. who knows. gotta get my was back to work now.

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